Pop & Pucker Those Lips!

Colourpop Lippie Stix & Pencil Review


I have received these babies a few weeks ago. I had no chance to write a review right away because I was so busy with client weddings and prenup. Special thanks to Mike, the owner of Icebox Imaging for carrying them from US to Philippines. So, I am taking a break for a while to blog with these mini markers. Oh wait, they are not markers you silly! They are actually lipsticks!

I heard about Colourpop on a makeup artist group in Facebook . So I tried looking for reviews and it convinced me that I should try it. I went to Colourpop’s website and almost got dizzy with their selection (USD 5/lippiestix/pencil). They have an insanely wide range of colors from nudes, to reds, to purples and new ones are coming for this Fall.

So let’s start with the types of Lippie Stix. They have 6 finishes, the Matte, Satin/Pearlized, Glossy, Hyper Glossy, Cream, and Sheer. I actually purchased 7 Lippie Stix and 3 Lippie Pencils but I lost shade Frida and I forgot to swatch Cookie. It might have been lost along with my craft materials because you could pass it off as a marker.

Here are the ingredients of the product. My apologies for not being able to type it down because they have different ingredients for different lipstick finish. So you can click the photo to enlarge it and see if the ingredients are suitable for you!

Ingredient Listing:


Volume Net Weight 1.0g/0.0352oz

*This is not much product compared to regular sizes of lipsticks out there*


11986537_10207113191211001_7968697243338484002_n hello

It comes with individual boxes and they have this post cards with hand written note. The label matches the product inside perfectly so you would know the shade right away!

Scent: I knew that I have to admit at some point that I have a super power. I have super smell! Some may not be bothered and consider it a faint smell but I find Coloupop’s Lippie Stix too fragrant. It smells like a very sweet pastry but in a bad way.

They are surprisingly very hydrating even the matte ones. When I did the swatch for these, my lips are chapping very badly as I forgot to lip scrub my my puckers. It somehow made my flakes softer therefore when I applied them, the flakes were not sticking out! Ah-mazing!

Lasting power is good as well. It does not rub off easily especially the matte ones.




From top to bottom swatches:

Bound, Button, Button (pencil) Lumiere, Lumiere (pencil), Cookie, Bossy, Dalia





Button (Satin Finish): This is a satin finish with peach undertones. Very suitable for a daytime fresh summer look.


Bound (Glossy Finish): I am moving away from glossed lipsticks lately but I am really amazed how this looks good! This is a pink undertone that is supposedly a nude shade, however, since I have dark discoloration on my lips (no, I don’t smoke, I am just born that way) it somehow appears too pink on me.

Bound2 Bound

Lumiere (Matte Finish): This is the color that made me purchase this whole set. I am totally in love with Mauve shades and I am looking for the perfect one and this is a goo one! It is a bold color without being over the top and is till wearable at daytime.

lumiere lumiere2

Bossy (Matte Finish): I am a big sucker for the vintage era of pin-up ladies. Sexy yet classy! It is a bright red shade perfect for the classic lovers. Top it with a winged liner and some rolled curls and you are good to go!

bossy bossy2

Dalia (Matte Finish):  It is a deep red with brown undertones in it. It feels very sultry vampir-ish. If you have been reading beauty blogs, red browns are the new trending shade. And who says dark reds are only wearable at night? Who doesn’t want the light hitting on those sexy lips? (My apologies for the photo as it is smudging very bad.

dalia dalia2

If not for the smell, the Colourpop is a good lipstick line for me and I could give it a solid 4 out of 5. If you love hoarding lipsticks but you never get to finish them all, this is a good collection because it will give you enough product to finish with a wide range of color selection.