Pandas love bamboos, and so do we!

A Zoeva Bamboo Luxury Set Review


Ever since I have been formally trained as a makeup artist, I have always used my Zoeva Complete Set (Set of 15). Until now, they are still my go to brushes for my client gigs. They are sturdy even after years of having them (but of course with TLC, I took care of them very well). So sturdy I have wished for them to retire already so I can buy a new set.

Zoeva is a German company which specializes in makeup tools, mainly makeup brushes. They are known for their well-built and ingenious brush designs. You would probably understand why I love these brushes. For a person who does make-up for a living, this is a very reliable brand. So, imagine when I saw this Zoeva Bamboo Luxury Set! My jaw dropped on how gorgeous they are. And they are very accessible to me since I work at Luxola.

This set gets out of stock within days of restocking. So I promised myself that I would get a set once our merchandising department uploads them. I got them yesterday morning while I am all giddy to rip off the courier packaging.

I consider my own brush set as an accessory. I have a warm skin tone and gold compliments and suits me well! This set is made for me. And I promise you will adore it too.


  • Vegan
  • Made of synthetic Taklon hair
  • Set includes 4 face brushes and 4 eye brushes
  • Eco Luxe design bamboo wood handle (crafted and refined by hand)
  • Aluminum ferrule in gold color

Since the brush handles are made of genuine bamboo, you may see slight differences on the texture and appearance of each handle. It is lighter than the classic sets of Zoeva because it is made of bamboo. The weight is great especially if you always travel with your makeup brushes.

The bristles are soft as always! They are dense when they need to be. All the design of the brushes are well-thought. The synthetic smell upon opening the package will hit you though! It smells like plastic and newly shaved wood altogether. But after washing it, it eventually wears off. It has little to no shedding and bleeding!

As we go along with this review, you will see that all brushes has the word BAMBOO engraved in the ferrule, the brush number and name written on the handle and of course their tag line, COLOR. LOVE. MAKEUP.


I bought mine at Luxola where it is priced at Php 4040.00. (I got it less because of employee perks ;)) I say the price is excellent for a product like this. It is cheaper than any Sigma brush set out there but definitely it is more durable. So I say you get more out of what you paid for because I tell you… These will last you for a long time. It is a good investment!


Once you purchase this brush set, you will get a faded gold large brush clutch and a cardboard tube brush holder.

Clutch Size: 24 x 18 cm
Brush Holder Box Size: 20,5 x 5,5 cm

What I love about the packaging is that you can opt to store your brushes in the clutch or more secured in the tube brush holder and then use the clutch as your makeup kit. As I mentioned, I always treat my tools with love, therefore I invest in brush guards. Fortunately, this set already includes brush guards. The two tubes you are seeing are for the highlighter and the defined buffer brush so they can keep their shape in good condition.


Brush Guards11950763_10206975823896904_2100346535_n

Clutch Details (Zipper)

Zipper bag

Clutch (Inside)


Cardboard brush holder


The Brushes

103/ Defined Buffer

Defined Buffer Defined Buffer 2

This is designed for buffing in your foundation whether it be a cream or liquid foundation. It is very dense with soft bristles so you would get less streaks when you are applying your foundation. It is cut in an angle for easy application that fits in the contours of your face.

128/ Cream Cheek

Cream Cheek Cream Cheek 2

This is just a basic blusher brush. It is less dense than the defined buffer making it great with picking up just the right amount of blush you need. It lets you gradually add color to your cheeks avoiding the dreaded slapped blush look in one stroke! (You know what I mean)

105/ Highlighter

Highlighter Highlighter 2

I am used to using the fan brush in applying a highlighter but I am very impressed with this shape. It is tapered in a dome shape with length enough to bend along as you move. This is for a more precise highlighting as it would fit perfectly to the high points of your face.

109/ Face Paint

Face Paint Face Paint 2

I have been a fan of this brush even when it was designed with the classic set. I previously had to purchase a separate set of this for my client brush set. This is a brush that would sit perfectly on the hollows of your cheek with its flat shape.

142/ Concealer Buffer

Concealer Buffer

Concealer Buffer 2

This is a dense brush as it is supposed to buff any concealer you have on. This helps your cream or liquid concealer to look polished and refined. It avoids the concealer setting to your fine lines. This is an essential tool for a very important step in concealing. Make sure to buff in the concealer before setting it with powder to avoid caking in your fine lines.

Eye brushes

Eyes Eyes 2

232/ Classic Shader

The classic shader is a regular shader that allows you to apply any base eyeshadow. If you only have this set and no other eye brushes, you can also use this as a crease shader by picking up products on the top part only and sweeping it on the hollows of your eye socket.

227/ Soft Definer

Or what I want to call the anti-panda eyeshadow brush. Everyone knows that a good eye makeup is a well blended makeup. This brush has long and soft bristles to allow you to soften any rough edges on your eyeshadow. Again, if you only have this set to work with, you can also use this to blend your contour (powder) on your nose line. Just always remember to clean the brush before picking up another product if you are going to use them with more than one technique.

317/ Wing Liner

Sad to say, every review has its con. I am personally not thrilled about this brush. It is supposedly for applying a wing liner (gel or in my case I use a small block of kohl). I think this is way too soft for its purpose. Compared to their classic wing liner which is great in giving the defined cat eye, this is just simply hard to work with. I might use this for defining eyebrows.


My Verdict

As long as Zoeva will not change the quality of their products, I will always be, forevermore, a fan of them. I always have faith in the durability of their brushes and for me this set proves that Zoeva can provide  versatility in design without sacrificing the durability of the set at a good price. For your personal and travel friendly brush set, I would definitely recommend this set!



I had a free Origins: Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb sample along with my order. (Oh hail Luxola!) I am still trying out the sample and I am loving it. I am excited to replace my current moisturizer for this one.

Hopefully I could squeeze this in, once I have the regular sized product! 🙂